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Ghostwriting for Executives Who

Demand Excellence in Expression

Do your writers send you speeches that soar, presentations that sparkle, and articles and blogs that draw fans and followers?  If your answer is yes, then click this window closed.

But if you’re still reading, then maybe it’s time you contacted Prose Pros for CEOs
.   We’re a writers’ shop devoted to ghost-writing for senior executives whose written remarks – in articles, ads, press releases, correspondence, presentations, blog posts, videos, speeches, etc. – need to convey the full power of their personality and position to inform, persuade, and impress any audience they address.

Our talented writers and editors possess a unique, exceptional blend of experience in business, marketing, technology, journalism, and literature to produce a level of writing that's consistently more compelling...more appealing...more intelligent...more strategic...more in sync...and (when called for) more entertaining than what you’re used to getting from your existing in-house or agency sources.

You’ll sense it from the first phrase and see it all the way through to the last word.

Contact us today about your next content deadline.   We could be the "go to" copy pros you and your CEO have been yearning for.

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Please call us at 917-207-9604.  Or, complete and submit the form below, and we'll get back to you shortly.  Thank you.

All inquiries will be handled in confidence and will be followed up with discretion. We respect your privacy; your information will not be shared with any outside vendors or services.

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Prose Pros For CEOs, based in New York, is a unit of Daniel S. Roher Inc., independent corporation.  Richard Roher is founder and chief creative officer.

For references, samples, and price quotations, please contact us.  For reasons of discretion and confidentiality, we do not disclose clients or display client work on our website.

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About Us

What makes us better?

It’s very simple:  our prose sings, with semantically intoned messages  that melodiously, rhythmically, convey your concepts while capturing audience attention.

We love working with words.  Our talented, polished writers combine a lyrical love of language with a broad base of knowledge and experience in business, technology, history and culture.

No matter the project, we start by thinking strategically about your business communications goals and your audience and then put ideas into words artfully, logically, and succinctly.  We write with purpose, power, passion and as much (or as little) personality as you like.  

And we rewrite – until your copy is just right.  

Our prose connects with your audience where it counts:  in the heart, in the head, in the gut.   It will inform and inspire.  It always puts your best foot forward and leaves only the most favorable impression behind.

How many companies could even claim to deliver that kind of copy – and do it consistently?